Batman Eternal 33

Batman Eternal #33 Review

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Batman Eternal #33 is a race against time for Batman and Julia as they race across Gotham to secure the secret weapons caches but are they fast enough? The opening line of this review pretty... Read article

Interstellar Review

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Interstellar is a film as divisive but undeniably remarkable as any of Christopher Nolan’s previous outings. There’s undoubtedly a lot to love, but also a few elements that are likely to leave some audience members... Read article
Two Shots To The Head Podcast Episode 23

#23 – The Two Shots Podcast

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Garry and Mark are back behind the mic at Two Shots Towers and talking through geek and movie news before crashing head first into some in-depth DC cinematic universe stuff. News Round-up Jared Leto rumoured... Read article
Batman Eternal 31

Batman Eternal #31 Review

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An unlikely alliance serves Alfred well while Batman and “Penny-Two” are trying to contain the Arkham disaster. Hush pops up again to handle business. Eternal is now playing “clear up” after the huge disaster at... Read article

Arkham Manor #1 Review

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If you follow Two Shots comic reviews you would have seen we’ve reviewed Batman Eternal since it’s launch up to issue #30 this week. In that issue huge devesation hit Arkham and now there’s a... Read article